jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2012


   Special HALLOWEEN

·         Presentation 4º Primary.
·         INFANTIL:  It´s Halloween (SONG)
·         1º and 2º Primary:  Trick or Treat  (SONG)
·         3º and 4º Primary:  Night of Terror  (SONG)
·         5º Ed. Primary:  Addams Family  (DANCE)
·         6º Ed. Primary:  Thriller (DANCE with projector)
·         6º and 1º ESO:   This is Halloween  (SONG with projector)
·         Movie screening

Hello boys and girls!
Welcome to our Halloween Party!
 Many of you may wonder where such an original holiday came from. Well, our children from 4th Primary will explain it to us, so open your ears well and give a big applause for them!

Now make way for the littlest ones of the school. They have prepared a song in English with teacher Tais. It's called ‘It's Halloween’. For how good they have worked, I want a great big applause!!

Trick or Treat is what we say when we knock on doors to ask for candy. The children of First and Second have learned this. With this song, they will teach us how to do it. Give them an applause!

Third and Fourth are going to sing a song called ‘Haunted Night of Terror.’ You can join them and sing the chorus. Hope you like it! An applause!

Our boys and girls of Fifth are more funky so I have prepared a dance based  on the series ‘The Addams Family.’

Now we’ll show a screening of a video of Michael Jackson. The song is called      ‘Thriller’. Our Sixth zombies will give us a surprise.

Finally, our boys and girls in 6th Primary and 1st of ESO will sing us the song "This is Halloween". We can also watch the video in the background. A big round of applause for them!

Movie screening

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